" My experience with Marc is that he is knowledgeable, ethical and puts his client's interest first. This inspires confidence and security, which are very important to me. I would completely recommend Marc to any prospective client.

Ronald A. Patella, CPA
Business Valuation Systems
Davie, FL


" I've known Marc professionally for over 25 years and, during that time, have worked with him closely on both technical and operational matters. Marc has a keen business mind and astute sixth sense. I would trust him implicitly with any important matter requiring sharp business skills and high integrity. "

Jay B. Korngold, CPA
Davie, FL


" I worked with Marc for about 4 years with him as CFO of a portfolio company we acquired. Marc’s skill set, not only in accounting, but also business, were extremely critical in helping transition the company’s financials and operations post-acquisition. Following that, he was invaluable in helping the company grow and navigate through challenging times, always providing smart and creative solutions to any problems that arose. Marc is professional, very responsive, and hard working. His skill set and knowledge base will prove invaluable to anyone that has the opportunity to work with him. "

Ricardo Braga
Managing Partner | Braga
Investment & Advisory
New York, NY


" I have worked with Marc Horowitz for over 10 years and would highly recommend. He is knowledgeable, professional, and honest. "

Rick Magill
Service Planning Corporation |
Miami, FL


" Marc was instrumental in helping us identify the merger partner we were looking for. He assessed our situation and attempted to match us with the right firm. He was able to get us several interviews, including those with firms he thought were not a good fit, which helped us better understand what we were looking for, both short and long term. We were able to consummate a merger after several months, and we are currently in the transition process. "

Clifford B. Ain, CPA
Ain & Gruda Associates
Aventura, FL


" I've known Marc for five years - since 2016 - when he was the newly-hired CFO for a mid-size engineering firm in South Florida and I was then on its Board. At the time, the 40-year old company was undergoing significant changes in leadership, organization, and business strategy. This posed many complex challenges to the firm's financial structure and systems of accounting and financial controls. During this time, Marc assumed complete responsibility for all financial aspects of company operations: payroll, invoicing, collections, cash flow, fiscal budgets, investor relations, financial audits, and account management. Throughout my tenure I observed him maintaining a high standard of professional demeanor: marked by diligence, hard-work, technical expertise, and ethical conduct. It was a pleasure to work with Marc and I'd gladly work with him again should the opportunity arise. "

Wayne Kalayjian, PE, SE, CFE
Managing Director at Secretariat
Palos Verdes, CA


" My experience with Marc showed me that he is deeply concerned about his clients and their success. As the CFO of a firm that had several serious issues, he strived to “whip them into shape”. Any firm could certainly benefit from his knowledge and expertise. "

Mitchell L. Smith
Bridging Systems
Atlanta, GA


" I have had the sincere pleasure of working with Marc Horowitz. Marc’s professionalism, financial acumen, management style, coupled with his superior communication skills help him standout as a real leader. In my role as a Sales Director, I met with Marc on a regular basis, to review commission statements, A/R balances, customer accounts, etc. …… In these meetings Marc was always on top of his game, answering all of my questions clearly and concisely. Hence, without reservation I would highly recommend Marc Horowitz for any position or opportunity he chose to pursue. "

Greg Smith
Managing Partner - VP
Sales and Operations at ISM Group
Providence, RI


" Good morning Marc, I wanted to thank you for all your help with our purchase, you made the whole process easy and painless. I will definitely ask for your help once I am ready to sell my other business. Thank you again "

Thierry Menetrier
Multitech Marine
Authorized Repair Center and Parts
Fort Lauderdale, FL


" I have had the pleasure of working with Marc Horowitz through his time as CFO for Steven Feller PE, LLC. I was hired as the external auditor for the firm and interacted with Marc consistently over the 3 years we worked together. He excelled in his role at the company. During the course of our working together, Marc proved himself to be a hardworking and dedicated teammate. I was impressed with Marc’s ability to give me a complete package to audit. His workpapers were always thorough and comprehensive. Overall, Marc is a meticulous and skilled accountant. I would be glad to work with him again if the opportunity presents itself. "

Amy Benbrook, CPA
Holmdel, NJ


" I have known Marc for a few years and worked with him while he was CFO in a respected South Florida firm. He was knowledgeable and a calming influence in that multifaceted office. Marc brings so much added value to the table with his ability to see a big picture and way of decisively going forward. Always a pleasure. "

Terri Maglio
MEB Inc of South Florida, Inc
Coral Springs, FL


" Marc is great to work with. He is very responsive to your needs and is always looking out for what's best for the company. Marc has the ability to not only look at the current situation, but into the future, and offer solutions that help accommodate both. He has a deep understanding in managing the financial aspects of a SaaS based technology company. I highly recommend Marc both from a professional and personal aspect. "

Roy Goodart
Sandy, UT